Many Blessings of 2018

What a great year this has been! This past year was marked with some new milestones and achievements! Our Margaret Street family experienced a few new changes and faced some challenges, as well. Overall, it was certainly a successful and eventful year. Above all, our God was glorified in the process! Let us take a moment at some of the highlights of this year. As you reflect over these bullet points, won’t you take a moment, stop, and pray to God?
Let’s give Him the thanks and recognition He deserves for the blessings He has poured out upon all of us here at Margaret Street. We are blessed!
New additions to the family!
  • Eden Wren Hatcher was born March 15th.
  • Harrison Wyatt Freeman was born August 15th.
  • Carder Dilger was baptized into Christ on April 16th.
  • Colby Bingham was baptized into Christ on May 9th.
  • Brayden Davis was baptized into Christ November 29th.
  • Stephen Fulton was identified as a member.
  • Billy and Barbara Helms were identified as members.
  • Peggy Mason was restored to the family.

Evangelism, Missions, and Benevolence

  • Hosted dinners for the Milton H.S. Football Team
  • Entered a booth in the Annual Scratch Ankle Festival
  • We made mission trips to Georgia and to Paraguay
  • Blessed with a new missionary family: Scott, Rebecca, and Violet Shanahan and a new mission work effort to Italy
  • We served many local families with several hundred food boxes through our Pantry this year!

We hosted several successful seminars, activities, and fellowship gatherings:

  • Our youth group brought home 39 awards and trophies from the Lads-2-Leaders Conference!
  • Annual Area Wide Youth Gathering
  • Vacation Bible School with the theme of “The Judges”
  • Human Trafficking Seminar with Theresa Moses.
  • A successful Family Enrichment Seminar with David Baker.
  • SRC Church Leadership Luncheons
  • The first ever Spiritual Renewal Forum, UpKeep! in the NW Florida area.
  • Don’t forget about the Sweetheart Banquet, L2L Banquet, Graduates Banquet, Thanksgiving Banquet, Fall Festival, Christmas Party, Elder’s Banquet, Men’s Breakfasts, and Ladies’ Game Nights
There is so much more we could list, but space is limited. As you think of some of those other things, please give God thanks for those also. We can’t wait for this next year because we know God is going to provide even more blessings as we strive to honor and glorify Him in all that we do!