Take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of our visitors. Why would anyone want to be a part of our congregation here at Margaret Street church of Christ? Have you ever considered what makes us stand out or different from anyone else? What would be the draw for someone new to come here?
   While pure and sound doctrine, standing for Biblical truth, and practicing first century Christianity should be the main reason most people are attracted to Margaret Street, let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves, many who come through the door for the first time are simply looking to see what kind of environment exists here. Before they start considering doctrinal questions, most seekers merely want to know if this might be a place where they feel welcomed and loved. People only want to be a part of something if they feel like they belong. So, do we make our visitors feel like they belong? I think we do and there have been many visitors who’ve expressed that Margaret Street is a special place – a very friendly, loving place to be.

What makes Margaret Street so special?

Through our love for Jesus, we strive to emphasize family – both in our spiritual family of the congregation itself and in our physical families that make up the congregation. In today’s world, the home and family are constantly under attack. We want to provide support, encouragement, and spiritual nourishment to all of our families in order to help them withstand those destructive forces. Here are a few of the things we offer to help strengthen our families:
  • For our youth: We offer Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes and other activities through our Margaret Street Youth and Lads to Leaders Programs. There are frequent youth devotionals for Jr and Sr High students, called “S.N.A.C.” (Sunday Night After Church) and “Stair Stackers” for grade school children. Our youth also attend numerous camps, conferences, and area-wide gatherings throughout the year.
  • For our smaller children: We offer “Cradle Roll” and Nursery classes, as well as, other activities like our annual Fall Festival and Christmas Party.
  • For the adults: We have regular Sunday, Wednesday, and weekday Bible classes in multiple topics and groups, such as our “Golden Agers,” “20-Somethings,” Ladie’s Class, and others. We also have seminars and special events for various Biblical and family topics. We schedule many activities throughout the year such as retreats, devotionals, workshops, holiday gatherings, and special fellowship gatherings.
  • Our Breakout Connection Groups provide an opportunity for everyone to make new friends and to help strengthen relationships among the membership.
Fostering a family-friendly environment is very important to us! Those who follow Jesus are called His “body” (Colossians 1:18) and the “family of God” (Ephesians 2:19). Our members are striving to be that loving, encouraging, and obedient family as described in the New Testament. We believe it makes us unique and this a special place to be. We want everyone to know Jesus. Let’s start with our loving family!