UpKeep! A Congregational Forum*/Workshop
Hosted by Margaret Street Church of Christ
November 14-18, 2018
As Christians, we are in a constant spiritual warfare on a daily basis. It is a non-stop battle! Yet, every soldier needs a time to fall back in order to regroup with the outfit, replenish his energy, and repair his armor. Are we not in need of the same as Christian soldiers? Our spirituality requires upkeep!
UpKeep! is designed and planned for all Christians, we pray members of all surrounding area congregations will take advantage of the opportunity and attend. Make your plans now!
UpKeep! is a five day forum and workshop with special lessons and activities that will focus on recharging, renewing, and rejuvenating – i.e. maintaining one’s spiritual armor (Ephesians 6).
Its objective is to rekindle the hope, spirituality, and faithfulness of all Christians in the Northwest Florida area by providing some practical, Biblical tools and advice they can use to grow closer to God and be encouraged to reach out to others.
Special classes and dynamic speakers! Our guest speakers will be invitees from local area congregations – we want to promote local unity and encouragement for all those members in our community. We will also have special Keynote Guest Speakers to highlight certain topics during the forum. The lessons and breakout sessions that will be offered include subjects such as:
  • Maintaining our marriages, our families, and our relationships in a practical, Biblical manner.
  • Maintaining our studies, our spiritual health, and other similar topics with a focus on spiritual development and spiritual disciplines.
  • Activities that promote unity, fellowship, and provide encouragement for all ages.
Perhaps, one of the greatest blessings of the weekend, are Special Focus Forums that will be conducted. They are simply an informal setting where discussion is focused on sharing new ideas, offering solutions, and helpful resources are interchanged. The elders who attend UpKeep! are invited to meet together for “Elder’s Exchange,” deacons for “Deacon’s Discussions,” and so forth. There will also be congregational wide forums, which are like workshops where everyone can participate.
* fo·rum ( fôrəm ): a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views are exchanged and discussed
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