Welcome to Margaret Street church of Christ! I pray you’ll receive our Lord’s richest blessing!

As you look through our site, you’ll find that we are a loving and growing family made up of all ages and types of people who are trying to be the church you read about in the New Testament (Matthew 16:18; Romans 16:16). We are striving to practice pre-denominational Christianity by following the examples and patterns we observe in those first-century disciples (Acts 2:42-47; Ephesians 4:4-6). We desire only to do God’s will, meaning we must do Bible things in Bible ways and call Bible things by Bible names. Ultimately, we’re just trying to help each other to get to heaven! 

There is much information here about what you can expect, who we are, and what we do in our many ministries. There are also has many useful Bible study materials, articles, and resources to help you with your Christian walk. If you have a prayer request, or want to watch our services and classes via livestream, you can find that here, too. 

We hope this site will answer any questions you might have about us, because there’s room for many more in this family! We hope you will come, see for yourself, and become a part of God’s family that meets at Margaret Street. Blessings!

Troy Spradlin, Minister & Preacher

Directions & Meeting Times

Bible Study 9:00 am
Worship 10:00 am
Sunday Evening 6:00 pm
Wednesday Evening 6:30 pm

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