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 2020 Series: Outward! Through Spiritual Disciplines in 2020

The Lords Lawsuit – Google

The Lord’s Lawsuit

March 2020

Exalting God

“Exalting God” by Troy Spradlin. Man was created to glorify God (Ecclesiastes 12:13). One of the principle ways of glorifying Him is through our worship. Our worship should exalt God. Let’s look at the history of worship, how we are to worship Him, and why it should matter to us – in Psalm 99.

February 2020

Hands of Jesus

“Hands of Jesus” by Troy Spradlin. Some people are afraid of the Bible, or think they can’t understand it. Yet, we need to know our Bibles well for it is where we learn about the will of God and about His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Let’s look at some points that will help us see that learning the Bible is not that difficult as you may think – we’ll see them in the hands of Jesus.

Put Away and Put On

“Put Away and Put On” by Troy Spradlin. God loves you and He wants you to be with Him in heaven. But to get there, He expects you to be and behave like His child. He has made it abundantly clear in His word how we are to live. According to Paul, in Ephesians 4:17-32, we must to put away somethings and put on other things.

January 2020

The Pursuit of Godliness

“The Pursuit of Godliness” by Troy Spradlin. The Bible calls us to “pursue godliness.” What is that, exactly? How does one pursue it? The apostle Paul gives us valuable insight in his First Letter to Timothy (4:6-8 and 6:11). It is a spiritual discipline all Christians need to develop!

Do You Spoudazo?

Sermon by Troy Spradlin. Spiritual Disciplines are only developed through the study of God’s word. How’s your training going? Let’s look at 2 Timothy 2:15 and ask yourself, “Do you spoudazo?”

 2019 Series: Know Jesus. Be Like Him.

December 2019

Aspirations, Vaporizations & Realizations

Aspirations, Vaporizations & Realizations” sermon by Troy Spradlin. It’s the end of the year. It’s that time when we make plans for the next year. Are you making plans for your Spiritual Growth? Let’s consider what James 4 teaches us.

The Messiah

“The Messiah” by Troy Spradlin. The prophets predicted His coming, He proclaimed He was the Messiah, and the Apostles preached that He is. Truly knowing Jesus means believing He is, indeed, the promised Messiah.

Know Jesus

“Know Jesus” by Troy Spradlin. Do YOU know Jesus? Peter’s gospel sermon in Acts 2 is about knowing who Jesus truly is.

Can One Be Saved Outside of the Church

“Can One Be Saved Outside of the Church?” by Troy Spradlin. A brief look at the patterns God has established in the Bible, which gives us the answer.

November 2019

Be Prepared

“Be Prepared” by Troy Spradlin. A look at Matthew 24-25 and Jesus’ teaching about His second coming. Are you ready?

September 2019

Know Jesus Be Filled

“Know Jesus and Be Filled” by Troy Spradlin. Many people are seeking happiness and satisfaction in material things. Jesus says we shall be filled if we hunger and thirst for righteousness. A study of Matthew 5:6.

Is Your Heartset Right?

“Is Your Heartset Right” by Troy Spradlin. God desires a broken and contrite heart. What can we learn from Simon the Sorcerer and his heart not being right with God? Acts 8:9-25

August 2019

The Greatest Prayer – Part 2

“The Greatest Prayer – Part 2” by Troy Spradlin. “The Greatest Prayer” (Part 2) by Troy Spradlin. We’ve looked at another part of the Lord’s Prayer in John 17. Let’s now look at the best part – where Jesus prays for us!

Know Jesus. Know Peace.

“Know Jesus” by Casey Bearden.

The Greatest Prayer

“The Greatest Prayer” by Troy Spradlin. In John 17, Jesus prays for Himself, His disciples, and that God be glorified. He prayed for unity and sanctity.

Christ Crucified

“Christ Crucified” by Troy Spradlin. The message of the cross is the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:22-25). It will always be greater than man’s thoughts or ideas. To those who don’t understand, it is foolishness.

July 2019

Is Your Faith a Noun or a Verb?

“Is Your Faith a Noun or a Verb” by Troy Spradlin. Do you have an active faith or an idle faith? Let’s discuss what God desires in us. James 1:22

Lessons from the Lords Vineyard

“Lessons from the Lords Vineyard” by Troy Spradlin. Four points drawn from John 15:1-8 about how we can be fruitful branches for the glory of the Lord.

June 2019

Biblexia and Inwarditis

“Biblexia and Inwarditis” by Troy Spradlin. We suffer from physical chronic diseases such as heart disease. There’s a spiritual application there also.
Let’s look at two of the most serious spiritual heart diseases affecting the church.

Justified by Grace

“Justified by Grace” by Troy Spradlin. An expository look at Romans 5:1-11. When we know Jesus, we can have salvation, when we do not know Jesus, we are lost (1 John 5:12). It is as simple as that.

May 2019

The Most Important Thing

“The Most Important Thing” by Casey Bearden. A different perspective of the parable of the Prodigal Son.

A New Commandment

“A New Commandment” by Troy Spradlin. Jesus commanded His disciples to love each other … as He had loved them. John 13:34,35

Love God and Your Neighbor … as Yourself

“Love God and Your Neighbor … as Yourself” by Troy Spradlin. We have a real problem with loving ourselves. We can’t love God or our neighbors if we don’t love our selves. Let’s take a look at Matthew 22:37-39

April 2019

Sufficient Grace

“Sufficient Grace” by Troy Spradlin. What might we learn from Paul’s thorn in the flesh? How do we deal with our own thorns? Paul helps us understand. 2 Corinthians 12:5-10

Faith Comes by Hearing

“Faith Comes by Hearing” by Troy Spradlin. We must hear the voice of Jesus. But, HOW does one truly hear His voice? What is involved? Let’s look at Romans 10:13-17 and discern the answer.

My Sheep Hear My Voice

“My Sheep Hear My Voice” – John 10:27. Do you hear the voice of Jesus? Do you listen to what He is saying? Do you understand why it is important to listen to Him?

March 2019

Dealing with Difficult Disciples

“Dealing with Difficult Disciples” by Troy Spradlin. The Apostle Paul gives some practical instruction in 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 for dealing with others. How might it apply to us today?

Follower Equals Servant

“Follower Equals Servant” by Troy Spradlin. To follow Jesus means to be a Worker and a that means being a Servant. Have you ever noticed that point in James 2:14-21 before?

February 2019

Making Positive From Negative

“Making Positive From Negative” by Troy Spradlin. Emotions are given to us by God, but we should never allow them to over-ride sound reasoning. God’s expects obedience! Isaiah 1:18

Christian Uniqueness

“Uniqueness of Christians” by Scott Shanahan. There are certain characteristics of a Christian that are very unique. 1 Peter 2:4-10

 2018 Series: Lord, Increase My Faith.

December 2018

The Compassionate Servant

“The Compassionate Servant” by Scott Shanahan. The compassion of Christ can be seen in Isaiah 53.


“Blessed” by Casey Bearden. Do we truly understand this word? Do we acknowledge that we are blessed even in difficult times?

My Name is Peter

“My Name is Peter” by Troy Spradlin. A first-person point-of-view narration of the Life of Peter, the disciple, the apostle, the preacher, and the impetuous.

Christ-Like Compassion

“Christ-Like Compassion” by Troy Spradlin. Are we as compassionate as we should be? Let’s examine Matthew 9:35-10:1 and see how we might follow the example of Jesus.

Come Unto Me

“Come Unto Me” by Troy Spradlin. A look at the Greatest Invitation.

November 2018

Dangers of Ingratitude

“Dangers of Ingratitude” by Scott Shanahan. We must be careful not to be like what Paul mentions in his letter to the Romans, “Professing to be wise, they became fools,” (1:22)

Attitude of Gratitude

“Attitude of Gratitude” by Troy Spradlin. We must be rooted, built up, and established in Christ to abound in gratitude. A consideration of Colossians 2:6-7.

Functioning within the Body of Christ

“Functioning within the Body of Christ” by Troy Spradlin. Considering Paul’s analogy in 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12, do Christians truly understand their function within the body? The unity of the church depends upon it!

October 2018

Lord, Increase My Faith during Difficulties

Margaret Street’s Missionary, Scott Shanahan, delivers a stirring message from Habakuk about how we can increase our faith during difficult times.


“Generosity: Giving to Help Others” by Troy Spradlin. A look at Acts 11:27-30

Worship – Singing

“Worship – Singing” by Troy Spradlin. An in-depth study of the ABC’s of Congregational Singing: the Authority for it, the Background of it, and the Command for it.

August 2018

Pursuing Gods Will

“Pursuing Gods Will” by Casey Bearden

July 2018

Spiritual Watchman

“Spiritual Watchman” by Troy Spradlin. God has given us warnings. Have you heeded the warning?

Our Moral Compass

“Our Moral Compass” by Troy Spradlin. What is our guide in life – our “True North”? We should learn to look for Jesus in every situation and scenario of life.

Ancient Words

“Ancient Words” by Troy Spradlin. We sing a beautiful song, “Oh Let the Ancient Words Impart” that praises the word of God. Let’s consider allowing the Ancient Words to impart, Life, Change, and Action in our lives.

June 2018

Rule of Life

“Rule of Life” by Troy Spradlin. What is your guiding principle in life? Do you ever ask, “Where is Jesus in this?”


“Trust” by Troy Spradlin. What does it mean to “trust in God”? How do we that exactly?

The Secret of Life

“The Secret of Life”. This month we will be talking about relationships.

May 2018

Selling Jesus

“Selling Jesus” by Casey Bearden

Joy Inexpressible

“Joy Inexpressible” (1 Peter 1:8) by Troy Spradlin. What does a truly committed Christian look like? Peter gives us a good example.

Five Smooth Stones

“Five Smooth Stones” by Troy Spradlin. David was a man of Commitment! Let’s look at what we can learn from his example in 1 Samuel 17.


By Troy Spradlin. Jesus requires true commitment from His disciples.

April 2018

Who Am I

By Casey Bearden. “Who Am I?”

You Are Doing It Wrong!

By Troy Spradlin. No one likes to be told “You’re Doing It Wrong!” With love and compassion, let’s honestly consider the questions of “What is Salvation?” and “How Does One Obtain Salvation?” Is it possible to be wrong in our understanding?

Blessed Assurance

Blessed Assurance By Troy Spradlin
If you were to die tonight, do you know for certain that you would go to heaven? You should! Do you have “full assurance of faith”?

April 2018

The Resurrection

By Richard McCool – “The Resurrection” An overview of the account of the resurrection.

February 2018

Under Your Command

Guest speaker, Cody Boston (Scenic Hills church of Christ)
Brother Cody brought our lesson for the annual Area Wide Youth Gathering held at Margaret Street on Feb 25, 2018.

December 2017


Casey Bearden
Do you stand in awe of our almighty God? How do you respond to His magnificent love? 

The Greatest Gift

Troy Spradlin
We give each other gifts during this time of year. Why not focus on the greatest gift ever given?

The Reality of Hell

Troy Spradlin
There is a certain reality we often ignore, or take lightly. Let’s see what the Bible has to say about hell.

November 2017

The Teachings of Jesus

Troy Spradlin
Jesus commanded His disciples to “teach them all that I have commanded you.” Therefore, what exactly did Jesus teach? 

August 2017

Social Media

Troy Spradlin
Social Media has become a widespread phenomenon within our culture. Can others see your faith on Social Media?

November 2017

The Unique Nature of the Church – Membership

Troy Spradlin
How does one correctly identify the church that is described in the Bible? Examining its membership  is one method.

The Unique Nature of the Church – Fellowship

Troy Spradlin

How does one correctly identify the church that is described in the Bible? Examining its method of fellowship  is one method.

September 2017

The Unique Nature of the Church – Establishment

Troy Spradlin

Many churches were established by men several years, or centuries, after Jesus founded His church. Let’s examine the establishment of the Lord’s church.

August 2017

The Unique Nature of the Church – Ownership

Troy Spradlin

Is the name that a church uses important? Does the church belong to Jesus? Let’s see what the Bible has to say.

September 2019

Introduction to Isaiah

“Introduction to Isaiah” by Troy Spradlin. How is the Book of Isaiah relevant to Christians today? Listen and learn!

March 2018

Bridge Between the Old And New

Troy Spradlin
“Bridge Between the Old And New” – Malachi 4:4-6

December 2017

Filthy Garments

Troy Spradlin

Filthy Garments – Zechariah 3:1-7

The Bible is full of descriptions and allegories and various illustrations in order to help us understand the reality of the spiritual, metaphorical world. One suc

August 2018

Seven Churches – Part 3

“Seven Churches – Part 3” by Troy Spradlin. Revelation chapter 3, “Hot or Not Hot.”

Seven Churches – Part 2

“Seven Churches – Part 2” by Troy Spradlin. Revelation Chapter 2, “Tolerant Thyatira.”

July 2018

Seven Messages from Seven Churches

“Seven Messages from Seven Churches” (Part 1) by Troy Spradlin. What can the church today learn from the letters to the Seven Churches of Asia (Revelation 2-3)?

November 2018

UpKeep – Maintaining Our Spirituality

“UpKeep – Maintaining Our Spirituality” by Cory Myers. A keynote lesson from our 2018 seminar, “UpKeep!”

Suiting Up with Armor Anew

“Suiting Up with Armor Anew” by Cory Myers. A keynote lesson from our 2018 seminar, “UpKeep!”

Maintaining Our Spiritual Armor

“Maintaining Our Spiritual Armor” by Guyton Montgomery. A keynote lesson from our 2018 seminar “UpKeep!”

UpKeep – Removing the Rust

“UpKeep – Removing the Rust” by Cory Myers. One of the keynote lessons from our 2018 seminar, “UpKeep!”

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