UpKeep! Seminar & Forum

WEDNESDAY, November 14
6:30-7:00 Devotional and “Prayer Chain” (to prepare for forum) Auditorium
THURSDAY, November 15
6:30-7:00 Singing and Prayer Fellowship Hall
7:00-7:30 Keynote: “Putting on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:10-20) Scott Shanahan, Mission Italy Fellowship Hall
7:40-8:30 Forum Activity: Writing Psalms Troy Spradlin Fellowship Hall
FRIDAY, November 16
6:30-7:00 Singing and Prayer Auditorium
7:00-7:30 Keynote: “Arriving Back at Camp” (Joshua 10:40-43) Cory Myers, League City COC Auditorium
7:45-9:15 Movie Night! “Bound” (A production of WVBS) Fellowship Hall
SATURDAY, November 17
8:30-9:00 Singing and Prayer
9:00-9:45 Keynote: “Maintaining the Armor” Guyton Montgomery, Milestone Auditorium
10:00-10:50 Breakout Forum Sessions 
“Maintaining Our Servanthood” David West, (Pace) Room 302
“Maintenance is Stewardship: Your Talents/Gifts” Chance Blackmer, (Gulf Breeze) Room 107
“Sharpening the Sword” Josh Holloway, (Jay) Fellowship Hall
11:00-12:00 Special Focus Forums
Elder’s Exchange (for Elders only) MSCOC Elders Elder’s Room
Deacon’s Discussion (for Deacons and workers) Joe Wilson (Margaret St) Room 303
General: “Practicing Our Skill” – Leading a Bible Study Preston Silcox, (Avalon) Fellowship Hall
12:00-1:15 Lunch (Provided)
1:15-1:30 Singing
Fellowship Hall
1:30-2:30 Questions and Answers with the Preachers Local Preachers Fellowship Hall
2:40-3:30 Breakout Forum Sessions 
“Still Much to Do!” Richard Rogers, (Brewton) Room 107
“Maintaining Relationships: Adversaries and Critics” Ben Boyd, (Avalon) Fellowship Hall
“Maintaining Relationships: That Special Someone” Casey Crawford, (Scenic Hills) Youth
3:40-5:00 Special Focus Forums
Teacher’s Talk MSCOC Teachers* Room 303
Ladies Teacher’s Talk (Ladies only) MSCOC Teacher: Helen Canon Room 302
L2L Forum David English (Margaret St) Elder’s Room
Congregational Forum: “Here’s What Works for Us” Troy Spradlin / Casey Bearden Fellowship Hall
5:00-6:30 Dinner (Provided)
6:30-7:00 Singing and Prayer
7:00-7:50 “Removing the Rust” (Matthew 6:19) Cory Myers, League City COC Auditorium
SUNDAY, November 18
9:00-9:50 “Maintaining Our Spirituality” (James 1:2-4) Cory Myers, League City COC Auditorium
10:00-11:50 “Suiting Up with Armor Anew” (Joshua 1:11) Cory Myers, League City COC Auditorium


Breakout Connection Groups are an effort to help our members of the congregation develop more  relationships and deeper ones through personal interaction. Our groups meet in the church building on Sunday evenings, right after our 6:00 pm devotional period. The topic of discussion is directed by a group leader and taken from the sermon points that were presented during the morning worship hour.


2018 Summer Series Schedule:

6/6     Chris Pinney     – “Stand in the Gap”

6/13   Roy Conner       – “Courageous Church Leaders”

6/20   Cody Boston     – “Courageous Church Leaders: Moses”

6/27   Michael Shepherd – “Courageous Church Leaders: Joshua”

7/4     Preston Silcox   – “Courageous Church Leaders: Men of Issachar”

7/18   Mark Dillman      – “Preparing Myself: A Daily Walk”

7/25   Justin Barnes    – “Preparing Myself: Showing the World Christ”

8/1     Josh Holloway   – “Preparing Myself: Practical Considerations”

8/8     David West         – “Preparing Myself: Successful Christianity”

8/15   Guyton Montgomery – “Prepare Our Homes: Biblical Marriage”

8/22   Mike Ray            – “Prepare Our Homes: Family Relationships”

8/29   Jesse Claunch   – “Strong Bulls of Bashan”


Start your day out with a little spiritual encouragement. Join us the third Tuesday of the month @ 07:30 am for a brief time to pray for those on our prayer list and for other, specific topics. We have much to pray about! Coffee and donuts provided. We will meet you in the foyer.


Sunday – 7:30 am (next one TBA)  Join us for Breakfast and a Devotional – we will be discussing some important topics that are essential for men of faith.
Please RSVP @ the following link. We would appreciate it!

Elders, Deacons, Preachers & Ministry Contacts Meeting (TBA)

Next meeting date: To Be Announced soon!
Sunday @ 4:30 in the “Upper Room” – All elders, deacons, preachers, and ministry contacts please make plans to be at this important meeting.


Every two weeks, a different topic is presented and discussed through the video resources of World Video Bible School. Hosted at the home of Andrea Spradlin at 11:00 am. Lunch provided!


UPDATE: Next Workshop TBA soon!
Look for updates on the L2L Bulletin Board & FB page.
If you have any questions or concerns, see David or Jeanna English.
Thank you!


Our “Golden Agers” Seniors Ministry meets every Thursday at 10:30 am for fellowship and to study the Bible.