The Shepherd’s Voice

A Message from the Elders

   When it was decided to make a change in our Sunday evening format, the intention of the change was for one, very simple reason, to improve the personal relationships among our brethren. We were searching for a format that would not only promote spiritual growth, but help foster more interaction between all members of the congregation in a manner that would help everyone feel more connected and involved. The format we implemented was what we now call Breakout Connection Groups. The concept of the format is simple: breakout into small groups within the building (similar to our Bible class arrangement) and stimulate conversation with prepared discussion questions from the morning’s sermon in order to develop personal connections with each other. We have now gone through two sessions using this new format and it has worked quite well. It has been a great success! We are all getting to know each other better and making those all important relationship connections.
   With the church plant group having now exited, it is time to begin a new quarter. Our Sunday evening Breakout Connection Groups will start again December 3rd. November 12, will be sign up day for the new groups. We are asking everyone to sign up again by going to the Fellowship Hall and choosing a group. For this next session, there will be fewer groups than before with only six groups total, each having about 12-15 people each. The elders will monitor the sign up process and when a group fills up with 12-15 members, it will then be closed and another group will need to be chosen. We would like to encourage everyone to change to a different group than from before, this will provide opportunity for even more relationships to be developed. You will notice that some of the co-leaders have changed groups, as well. In the mean time, during the month of November, we will be taking a short break and there will be no Breakout Connection Group meetings. Tonight we will all meet in the auditorium as one large group and have an open discussion on the sermon topic. The time-frame will be the same as our past Sunday evenings: 45 minutes of discussion, a short break, then followed by a brief devotional period, including the Lord’s Supper. We will meet in this same format again on November 19th. For November 12th, and then again on November 26th, we will have a Song and Prayer service during the discussion period, followed by our devotional period. There will be no childcare or children’s classes during November. These will resume in December.
   On behalf of the eldership, thank you for making this program such a success! We hope to continue seeing everyone love, encourage, and care for one another through these efforts; that the entire congregation be well connected and personal contact maintained. We pray that new members will be more easily integrated into our family and we hope you will use this opportunity to invite others to come know our wonderful family here at Margaret Street. We look forward to starting our new groups on December 3rd!
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