Get Involved


If you are the kind of person who likes to get involved or just want to share your talents with the Lord and our community . . . you will be WELCOMED and appreciated here at Margret Street! We have several active ministries. Here is a list of them: 

building & grounds

Are you good with your hands, painting, or repairing things? Put your talents to use in our Building & Grounds Ministry, which is responsible for maintaining our facilities in a manner that is conducive to a comfortable worship environment and supportive of the other ministries we have that are involved in God’s work. 


Like to teach or help with education? Our Education Ministry focuses on making disciples by teaching the Scriptures to all ages. This helps us fulfill the second part of the “Great Commission” given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20.

evangelism MINISTRY

Want to tell others about Jesus? This ministry focuses on all means and methods of spreading the Gospel to our community and surrounding area. We use Bible Correspondence courses, face-to-face and group Bible studies, Social Media outlets, websites, newspapers, radio, and television to help us get the message out. 

Troy & Andrea Spradlin

fellowship MINISTRY

Do you like planning and organizing social events? This ministry provides members of the congregation with various opportunities, events, and activities to enjoy fellowship with one another, as well as, a means for introducing non-members to the congregation in a comfortable setting. 

Involvement ministry

Like to help organize & coordinate? This ministry coordinates with new members to help them get integrated into the various areas of work of the church.

Kingdom Kids MINISTRY

Come help us grow! Transforming Young Minds: A fun and educational program for grade school children.

Lads & Ladies to LEaders

This ministry is part of a larger regional training program designed to help our children grow in various Christian skills and knowledge in order to become leaders in the church and in our communities. 

Mission ministry

Have a sense of adventure and travel, or speak a foreign language? This ministry works with our missionaries in different countries and cultures, including right here in the United States. It works to provide encouragement and support to the missionaries, assists with communications, and also travels to visit and work in the various mission fields in which we are involved. 

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Have a heart for helping the incarcerated? This ministry involves visiting and leading Bible studies with inmates at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution. We have a rotation of volunteers who go inside the prison to teach and mentor, grade Bible Correspondence Courses, and assist in other ways with the ministry.


Shut-inS ministry

Do you like to encourage people and brighten their day? This is a sharing and caring ministry designed to meet the needs of our shut-in community. Whether you are an encourager, servant, shepherd, or just passionate about showing compassion to the sick and elderly, this ministry is for you. 

Technology MINISTRY

Be a part of our team to provide administrative support for the staff in the areas of data management, Powerpoint, web content management, or other.  If you are interested contact Troy Spradlin.


Do you go out of your way to make people feel welcome? The Visitation Ministry is charged with contacting and visiting our guests, those who are sick, in the hospital, or have a special need, as well as, our wayward members

giving time


Plan, organize, and execute a worship service conducive for praise, glory, and honor to our God in Heaven. If you would like to help in any way, please contact us.

Youth Group MINISTRY

Working with, organizing, and implementing youth and family activities, devotionals, camps, mission trips, and community service projects are what makes up this vibrant ministry! There is never a dull moment with our wonderful youth and family group. If you have kids, love working with youth, or just like to help families, then you will fit right in with this ministry.

Casey & Leanne Bearden

What Must I do to be Saved?

Plan of

Benevolence MINISTRY

We do many things as part of our benevolence ministry, but our Food Pantry is one of our more prominent efforts. Through various resources, such as Feed the Gulf Coast, the USDA, and private donations, we are able to regularly feed more than 100 households each month. If you find joy in helping feed those in our community, then this is a perfect ministry for you!