Our Minister

on the Sea of Galilee, Israel


Troy Spradlin has been a part of the Margaret Street family since 2009. 

He began serving as the Minister and Preacher in July of 2017, but before that, he and his wife, Andrea, moved to Milton in 2009, shortly after he had graduated from Bible school. They came to live and work with the congregation here before being sent out as missionaries for Margaret Street to South America. Troy and Andrea then worked with the Avenida Sacramento Iglesia de Cristo in Asuncion Paraguay from 2010 until 2017 and also planted a new congregation in Nemby, Paraguay in July of 2013. Troy has also had the opportunity to do extensive mission work in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Brazil. 

Troy is originally from Ft. Worth, Texas, but he considers Florida his home. His father, Dwayne, and his brother, Lance are both Gospel preachers back in Texas. Troy and Andrea met in West Palm Beach, Florida and were married there in October 1995.

Troy holds a Master’s Degree in Missions from the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, Colorado and a Diploma of Biblical Studies from the Southwest School of Biblical Studies in Austin, Texas. He also attended Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas with a major in Commercial Art and Photography. While in Paraguay, he served as the Director of the Asuncion Bible Academy, a Bear Valley Extension School, from 2013 to 2017. He also served as an instructor at the Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies, in Pensacola, Florida from 2017-2021.

In addition to serving as Minister and Preacher at Margaret Street, Troy is also serving as a Spiritual Advisor at the local prison, and he has a couple of recorded segments on the Good News Today TV program (www.gnttv.org), called “Repairing Our Understanding” and “Have a Bible Question” which aires on local TV stations on Sunday mornings throughout the Southeast United States. He also presents a daily devotional on local radio (WPFL – 105.1 FM), a weekly devotional on his “1Theophilus Podcast” (www.1theophilus.com), and has authored two books, “Your First Forty Days in the Wilderness” and “Principios Elementales” (First Principles – in Spanish – WVBS.org).