May We Use Instruments in Worship?

Most people are surprised by the lack of a band, or musical instruments, when they come to visit the church of Christ. By some, we are known as “that church that doesn’t use the piano.” For others, we are known as the church that sings a’cappellahymns in worship. In almost every case, it becomes a controversial subject. But, why? Why should it be that way? If we truly love God and we call ourselves Christians, shouldn’t we worship Him in the same manner as those first Christians did in the Bible? There, we find our first century brethren singing in every case. Not one single instrument is ever mentioned in worship.

“But what about the Old Testament? There were instruments used in the temple!” might be the reply. Indeed, there were, but these were not what God had ordained. They were introduced into worship by man, a man named David, to be precise (Read 2 Chronicles 7:6; 29:25-27). We are under the New Testament now. Our worship is different than temple worship and, again, no instruments are mentioned.

Here’s a thought. If God doesn’t reside in temples made with hands, nor is He worshiped with men’s hands (Acts 17:24,25) then, why would God want to listen to something man created (like an instrument) instead of what He, God, has created – that being man’s voice? Consider that point when someone says, “But I liketo hear musical instrumentsin worship.” It’s not about what we may want, but it is about what God wants. – TS