OUTWARD – Through Spiritual Disciplines in 2020
Spiritual Disciplines: Stewardship


Can One Be Saved Outside the Church?
Shall We Continue in Sin?
The God of ALL Comfort
Know Jesus. Be Filled.
The Missions-Minded Church
Is Your Heartset Right?
The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed (Part 2)
The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed
Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit
Is your Faith a Noun or a Verb?
Lessons from the Lord’s Vineyard
Rahab: From Sinner to Saved
Justified by Grace
A New Commandment
Love God and Your Neighbor – as Yourself
Faith Comes By Hearing
My Sheep Hear My Voice
Dealing with Difficult Brethren
Follower = Worker = Servant
Servants Like Jesus
Making Positive From Negative
A Christian’s Uniqueness
Know Jesus. Be Just a Christian.
Know Jesus. Be Saved.
Spiritual Focus for 2019


Christ-Like Compassion
Four Dangers of Ingratitude
UpKeep! – Spiritual Maintenance 
An Attitude of Gratitude
Functioning Within the Body of Christ
Lord, Increase Our Faith: In Difficult Times
Generosity: Giving Help Others
Worship: The Lord’s Supper
Christ-Like Evangelism
Worship Through Preaching
Seven Messages from Seven Churches – Part 2
Seven Messages from Seven Churches
The Spiritual Watchman
Who Can You Trust?
The Secret of Life
Joy Inexpressible!
Five Smooth Stones
The Devastating Disease of Denial
What is Salvation?
Blessed Assurance
A Servant’s Heart
Pure in an Impure World
Forgive to be Forgiven
Judas or John? Which are you?
Lord, Increase Our Faith