Oct 25, 2020
Not in the Bible Series – Annihilation
"That's NOT in the Bible Series: Annihilation" by Troy Spradlin. Sometimes, we read things into the Bible that simply aren’t there. The idea of “annihilation of hell and the wicked” is one of those misconceptions that confuses many. Let’s look at what Scripture says about it.
  • Oct 25, 2020Not in the Bible Series – Annihilation
    Oct 25, 2020
    Not in the Bible Series – Annihilation
    "That's NOT in the Bible Series: Annihilation" by Troy Spradlin. Sometimes, we read things into the Bible that simply aren’t there. The idea of “annihilation of hell and the wicked” is one of those misconceptions that confuses many. Let’s look at what Scripture says about it.
  • Oct 18, 2020Follow
    Oct 18, 2020
    "Follow" by Troy Spradlin. According to 1 Peter 2:21, we are called to “follow in His steps.” Let’s look at Jesus’ example and some real world applications of what it means to follow the Christ as His disciples, today.
  • Oct 11, 2020Fight the Good Fight
    Oct 11, 2020
    Fight the Good Fight
    "Fight the Good Fight" by Troy Spradlin.  With so much going on in the world, we need to keep our focus on the right things. Paul gives Timothy some great life advice in 1 Timothy 6:11-21 that we can apply to our own lives.
  • Oct 4, 2020Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice
    Oct 4, 2020
    Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice
    "Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice" by Troy Spradlin. Is being “mostly good” good enough for God? King Saul certainly thought that, but he was mistaken. Let’s examine what “obedience is better than sacrifice” means for us, today. 1 Samuel 15
  • Sep 27, 2020How Can I Know
    Sep 27, 2020
    How Can I Know
    "How Can I Know" by Troy Spradlin. We live in a world that is filled with doubt, distrust and the questioning of everything. There is one thing you can know for sure, your salvation. How? Let’s look at 1 John 5:1-13
  • Sep 22, 2020Taking a Mountain at Eight-five
    Sep 22, 2020
    Taking a Mountain at Eight-five
    "Taking a Mountain at 85" by Troy Spradlin. There is no age limit to serving the Lord. The Bible is full of examples of men and women serving God at all stages of life. Have you thought about how you can serve in the kingdom? Caleb's story in Joshua 14 gives a great example.
  • Sep 6, 2020The Biggest Little Word
    Sep 6, 2020
    The Biggest Little Word
    "The Biggest Little Word" by Troy Spradlin. There are words that are little but carry a great deal of weight and importance! One of those is the word “if.” Let's take a look at how this word applies to us by looking at John 14:1-15.
  • Aug 16, 2020What Matters Most
    Aug 16, 2020
    What Matters Most
    "What Matters Most" by Troy Spradlin. With all the turmoil and strife in the world, what matters most? 1 Corinthians 13 gives us the answer.
  • Aug 9, 2020Content – Finding Joy Where You Are
    Aug 9, 2020
    Content – Finding Joy Where You Are
    "Content - Finding Joy Where You Are"  by Troy Spradlin. Few people are truly content with their lives. This seems especially true here lately. But, Paul was able to find contentment even in the worst of scenarios. What was his secret? Let's study Philippians 4:10-20 and find out!
  • Mar 1, 2020Exalting God
    Mar 1, 2020
    Exalting God
    "Exalting God" by Troy Spradlin. Man was created to glorify God (Ecclesiastes 12:13). One of the principle ways of glorifying Him is through our worship. Our worship should exalt God. Let’s look at the history of worship, how we are to worship Him, and why it should matter to us - in Psalm 99.
  • Feb 23, 2020Hands of Jesus
    Feb 23, 2020
    Hands of Jesus
    "Hands of Jesus" by Troy Spradlin. Some people are afraid of the Bible, or think they can’t understand it. Yet, we need to know our Bibles well for it is where we learn about the will of God and about His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Let’s look at some points that will help us see that learning the Bible is not that difficult as you may think - we'll see them in the hands of Jesus.
  • Feb 9, 2020Put Away and Put On
    Feb 9, 2020
    Put Away and Put On
    "Put Away and Put On" by Troy Spradlin. God loves you and He wants you to be with Him in heaven. But to get there, He expects you to be and behave like His child. He has made it abundantly clear in His word how we are to live. According to Paul, in Ephesians 4:17-32, we must to put away somethings and put on other things.
  • Jan 28, 2020The Pursuit of Godliness
    Jan 28, 2020
    The Pursuit of Godliness
    "The Pursuit of Godliness" by Troy Spradlin. The Bible calls us to “pursue godliness.” What is that, exactly? How does one pursue it? The apostle Paul gives us valuable insight in his First Letter to Timothy (4:6-8 and 6:11). It is a spiritual discipline all Christians need to develop!
  • Jan 19, 2020Do You Spoudazo?
    Jan 19, 2020
    Do You Spoudazo?
    Sermon by Troy Spradlin. Spiritual Disciplines are only developed through the study of God's word. How's your training going? Let's look at 2 Timothy 2:15 and ask yourself, "Do you spoudazo?""
  • Dec 29, 2019Aspirations, Vaporizations & Realizations
    Dec 29, 2019
    Aspirations, Vaporizations & Realizations
    Aspirations, Vaporizations & Realizations" sermon by Troy Spradlin. It's the end of the year. It's that time when we make plans for the next year. Are you making plans for your Spiritual Growth? Let's consider what James 4 teaches us.
  • Dec 22, 2019The Messiah
    Dec 22, 2019
    The Messiah
    "The Messiah" by Troy Spradlin. The prophets predicted His coming, He proclaimed He was the Messiah, and the Apostles preached that He is. Truly knowing Jesus means believing He is, indeed, the promised Messiah.
  • Dec 15, 2019Know Jesus
    Dec 15, 2019
    Know Jesus
    "Know Jesus" by Troy Spradlin. Do YOU know Jesus? Peter's gospel sermon in Acts 2 is about knowing who Jesus truly is.
  • Dec 8, 2019Can One Be Saved Outside of the Church
    Dec 8, 2019
    Can One Be Saved Outside of the Church
    "Can One Be Saved Outside of the Church?" by Troy Spradlin. A brief look at the patterns God has established in the Bible, which gives us the answer.
  • Nov 10, 2019Be Prepared
    Nov 10, 2019
    Be Prepared
    "Be Prepared" by Troy Spradlin. A look at Matthew 24-25 and Jesus' teaching about His second coming. Are you ready?
  • Sep 15, 2019Introduction to Isaiah
    Sep 15, 2019
    Introduction to Isaiah
    "Introduction to Isaiah" by Troy Spradlin. How is the Book of Isaiah relevant to Christians today? Listen and learn!
  • Sep 15, 2019Know Jesus Be Filled
    Sep 15, 2019
    Know Jesus Be Filled
    "Know Jesus and Be Filled" by Troy Spradlin. Many people are seeking happiness and satisfaction in material things. Jesus says we shall be filled if we hunger and thirst for righteousness. A study of Matthew 5:6.
  • Sep 1, 2019Is Your Heartset Right?
    Sep 1, 2019
    Is Your Heartset Right?
    "Is Your Heartset Right" by Troy Spradlin. God desires a broken and contrite heart. What can we learn from Simon the Sorcerer and his heart not being right with God? Acts 8:9-25
  • Aug 25, 2019The Greatest Prayer – Part 2
    Aug 25, 2019
    The Greatest Prayer – Part 2
    "The Greatest Prayer - Part 2" by Troy Spradlin. "The Greatest Prayer" (Part 2) by Troy Spradlin. We've looked at another part of the Lord's Prayer in John 17. Let's now look at the best part - where Jesus prays for us!
  • Aug 18, 2019Know Jesus. Know Peace.
    Aug 18, 2019
    Know Jesus. Know Peace.
    "Know Jesus" by Casey Bearden.
  • Aug 11, 2019The Greatest Prayer
    Aug 11, 2019
    The Greatest Prayer
    "The Greatest Prayer" by Troy Spradlin. In John 17, Jesus prays for Himself, His disciples, and that God be glorified. He prayed for unity and sanctity.