We have This Sure and Steadfast Anchor

Many communities have a certain object, or a landmark, which stands out as an identifying symbol for that city. For example, when you see a picture of a large stainless steel arch, what city comes to mind? How about a red suspension bridge spanning the entrance to a bay, with what city do you identify it to represent? What about the Statue of Liberty, or the Eiffel Tower? These are all objects that have become representative symbols for their associated cities. Now, how about our community? Something I have noticed as being prominent in our local community is the close tie we have with water, such as, our bays and rivers, the US Navy, our history with sawmills, and the fishing, canoeing, and kayaking tourism industries. So, when I drive by that big anchor in front of Milton High School, I am reminded of all those things regarding or community. But, I am also reminded of spiritual things. Specifically, it reminds me of Hebrews 6:19, “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast.”

While an anchor is certainly a fitting symbol for representing our physical community of Milton, it is also a fitting symbol for our spiritual community, the Margaret Street church of Christ. I have even heard members describe Margaret Street in such a manner, saying that “it has been an anchor” for them over the years. Why is that? Why would they describe the church in such a way? It is because Margaret Street is a place where they find Jesus! It is a place where they can find and build upon hope! It is a place that has served as a stalwart of the faith for more than 60 years. That makes our congregation exceptional and appealing.

The context of that verse is about the confidence we can have in the promises of God. Just as an anchor holds a ship in place, by being secured outside of the ship, our hope holds us in place, but it is secured outside of this world. Our hope is in a holier, greater place, because Christ has gone ahead of us to secure our salvation in heaven. With this promise, we can have a “sure and steadfast” confidence and faith. A sure anchor does not drag. It is in firm ground and the ship’s crew may trust it. A steadfast anchor is one that will not break, because it is strong and made of good, tough iron. There is no fear of it failing, no matter what strain may be put upon it. Margaret Street church of Christ places its trust in that sure and steadfast anchor and that is why it is such a special place. Here, we can build our faith together with like-minded people – all helping each other to get to heaven.