Where is Jesus in this?

One of my favorite maxims, or rules of life, is this, “It is always right to do right. It is always wrong to do wrong. It is never right to do wrong and it is never wrong to do right.” That truth has helped me navigate through some of life’s toughest moments. It has never failed me when making a difficult decision. It is one of those precepts that has always proven to be reliable. Over the years, however, I have developed another rule of life to use alongside that one. It is simply, “Where is Jesus in this?” No matter what the situation may be, how difficult a decision is, or how troublesome a scenario turns out, asking the question, “Where is Jesus in this?” has always guided me in the right direction.


Years ago, there was a popular acronym displayed on bumper stickers, billboards, T-Shirts, and many other things that was, “WWJD?” Many of you may remember that it stood for “What would Jesus do?” While the intention was certainly good, I personally, felt that it missed the mark of being truly useful. The word would leaves too much room for speculation or personal interpretation. This can be extremely dangerous because our thoughts or intentions may not line up with what Jesus actually did. It allows for one to say, “Well, I think Jesus would do this in this situation,” when in reality He might not. Wouldn’t it be better to imitate Christ than to speculate as to what He might do? I have always thought a better acronym would be “WDJD – What did Jesus do?” If we simply study His actions and replicate them to the best of our ability, then we certainly cannot go wrong with that!


Looking for Jesus in every situation will greatly bless your life. There is almost nothing that this truth cannot be applied to. For example, before you are about to confront someone, or engage in a difficult conversation, ask yourself, “Where’s Jesus in this?” and it will help you have the right attitude before going into it. If you become angry with someone, look for Jesus in the situation and it will help you deal with it in a more proper, Christian manner. Perhaps, you know of a couple of brethren who are at odds with each other, ask them to think about “Where’s Jesus in this?” It can possibly provide the remedy so desperately needed in the resolution of the conflict.

There are also those moments when we have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes, we must make a decision in a rush, which can often result in making a bad decision. Asking “Where is Jesus in this?” will always guide you in making the best determination. If we are honest with ourselves and truly look upon His example, we should always be able to find a good solution. But, in order for this to work the way it should, you must first learn about Jesus. Open up your Bible and get to know the Son of God. Observe His actions, His mannerisms, and His responses to various situations. Let that be your guide. The more you know about Him, the easier it is to lean upon Him, and this will help you to always do what is right.